The presents we've been making are great, but we could use a new design. Got any ideas?

"A Creature Is Stirring" is quest 8 of 10 from the Save Kris Kringle mission you get from Kris Kringle . You get this Quest after finishing Over River, Through Woods.


Quests Goals

Have 5 Blueprints to get ideas for new toy.

Hint: Ask Friends for Blueprints. You can also get this from fishing.

Hyper Craft

Use 2 Hyper Craft to accelerate crafting.

Hint: Buy or craft Hyper Craft then use from your Inventory.

WindUpBeastieCraftable 01 Icon

Craft 4 Wind-Up Beasties. Gloom not included.

12x Wood Log, 3x Gloom Rat Tail, 3x Wind-Up Keys

Hint: Craft in the Gift Shoppe.


These new present ideas are magnificent. I could use your help EVERY year!

For completing this mission you will get 1000 coins and 20 XP and 1 Gingerbread Man. You would also be able to start the So Fluffy mission

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