If there's one thing you have to know as a pirate, it's how to ready a ship to sail.

"A Pirate's Life" is the first quest out of 5 in the Pirate's Life quest chain obtained from Sonja. You must be level 17 to obtain this quest.



Harvest 15 Cotton to ma​ke sail cloth.

Click on Farm Plots to plant new crops, then harvest when they're ready.


Have 3 Cotton Cloth to use as a s​ail.

WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon

Let's raise a mast! Have 15 Wood Lo​gs.

Gather Wood Logs by chopping trees or collecting from Logging Camps.


Aye, that's a fine mast. Believe me, I've seen many!

Upon completion you will get Zynga1Coins 2,500 Coins and Xp 01 50 XP. You will aslo be able to start the next quest: All Tied Up .

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