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This is quest 1 of 5 in the Wild about Winged Tigers questline. It is given by Professor Plume.

"Right then! This is Winged Tigers 101 for you and for me. Raising this species of magical creature will be both challenging and rewarding."


  • Place the Winged Cub Basket in your Kingdom before you start raising a Winged Tiger. (Place the basket from inventory.) Cannot be skipped for crowns.
  • Start a baby Winged Tiger in your Kingdom. Let's hope you're up for this! (Click on the Winged Cub Basket to begin raising a Winged Tiger.) Cannot be skipped for crowns.
  • Have 3 Feline Fervor Potions. It's used in Winged Tiger food. (You can get this item by asking friends.) Can skip for 21 crowns.

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