"What's the best part of a party? The Prizes, of course!"
"After Party" is quest 5 out of 5 in the Party Time story line. You get it from Yvette after completing "Partied Out".



Craft 1 Prize in the Party Pavilion.

Attend parties to collect Party Favors, then craft Prizes.


Use 1 Party Favor to collect the reward inside!

Craft prizes in the Party Pavilion, then use them in your Inventory.


Have 5 Sheet Music in case you ever decide to throw another party!

Description goes here.


"You should throw and attend more parties to collect even more rewards!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 1,750 Coins and Xp 01 35 XP and Big Energy Potion (10 Energy). This completes the Party Time storyline.


After Party share
X partied hearty...

... and has the Prizes to prove it!

Grab some XP and keep partying!

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