This is the second of five quests in the Fish Story chain obtained from Sonja. It follows immediately after Fish Tale.

Quest Text

Arrgh, catching fish by hand will take an eternity! We need a fishery so we can catch more fish at once!


Wood Plank

Have 8 Wood Planks for building.

Chop trees to gather Wood Logs, then Craft Wood Planks in the Workshop.

Stone Block

Have 7 Stone Blocks for building.

Craft Stone Blocks in the Workshop.


Have 5 Fishing Bait to make a productive Fishery.

Craft Fishing Bait in the Workshop or buy from the Consumables tab of the Market.


Nice Wood Planks. I walked a few of those during my pirating days!

Upon completion you will get Zynga1Coins 2,000 Coins and Xp 01 40 XP. You will aslo be able to start the next quest: Hooked.

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