Other Banners

Name Image Price Sell Inventory Castle
Alliance Banner Alliance Banner 200 Zynga1Coins 40 Zynga1Coins 50 Nobility 2
Candy Cane Banner Candy Cane Banner-icon Limited Edition 5 Zynga1Coins 99 Nobility 3
Clan Banner Clan Banner Limited Edition

5000 Zynga1Coins

100 Zynga1Coins x Nobility 1
Carnival Banner Carnival Banner Limited Edition  ?  ?  ?
Dragon Banner Dragon Banner 100 Zynga1Coins x Nobility 0
Friendship Banner Friendship Banner 200 Zynga1Coins 50 Nobility 3
Gloom Watch Banner Gloom Watch Banner Limited Edition
6 Crown 01
600 Zynga1Coins  ? Nobility 3
Holly Banner Holly Banner Limited Edition 4000 Zynga1Coins 99 Nobility 1
Small Banner Small Banner 200 Zynga1Coins 40 Zynga1Coins 50 Nobility 1
Spring Banner Spring Banner

Limited Edition
6 Crown 01

 ?  ? Nobility 3
Snowflake Banner Snowflake Banner Limited Edition 0 Zynga1Coins 99 Nobility 1
Valentine Banner Valentine Banner Limited Edition
5 Crown 01
100 Zynga1Coins  ? Nobility 3

Mastery Banners

Crafting Mastery

Name Image Sell
Stone Block Crafting Mastery Stoon Block 100 Zynga1Coins
Wood Plank Crafting Mastery Wood Plank 100 Zynga1Coins

Kitchen Mastery

Name Image Sell
Creative Juice Kitchen Mastery Creative Juice 100 Zynga1Coins

Studio Mastery

Name Image Sell
Flaming Sword Studio Mastery Flaming Sword 100 Zynga1Coins

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