The Book of Sinister Schemes is the second of six missions in The Gloom Lord Quest. You get this mission after picking up the Book, which drops when finishing the Staring Down Evil mission.

"Fate has smiled upon us with the discovery of Faugrimm's Book. Before I can read it, I will need some time and materials to break the binding spell he has on it"


Quest Goal
ChiliPeppers 02

Have 40 Chili Pepp​ers, this has to be hot to melt his spell.

Click an Empty Farm Plot to plant Chili Peppers.


Have 15 Ey​es of Newt.

Ask friends for Eyes of Newt. You can also get this from fishing.


Explore to the Ancient Ritual Site to the East, I need to go there to do my s​pell.

The Ritual Site just to the East of where Alastair was first found. Exploring requires Exploration Crystals, which can be made at the workshop.


"You will need to be vigilant as I break the book's binding spell. Faugrimm will know I have it as soon as I begin, and I imagine he won't be happy! Not that he ever is..."

For completing this mission you will get Zynga1Coins 2,000 Coins and Xp 01 40 XP. Faugrimm will appear, trapping Alastair using three totems. Then the Duke will present you with the Save Alastair, Part 1 mission.


  • Chili Peppers unlock at level 18.
  • The area to explore is marked as E6 in the Map of the Gloom

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