Weak grog? We can make it better, stronger... frothier!

"Bottoms Up!" is the fourth quest out of 5 in the Pirate's Life quest chain obtained from Sonja.


Crop 01 Empty

Let's spice things up. Plant 10 Chili Peppers.

Click on Farm Plots to plant and harvest crops.

ChiliPepperMaterial 01 Icon

Harvest 10 Chili Peppers to give our grog a bit of kick.

Click on Farm Plots to plant new crops, then harvest when they're ready.

BubblyGrogCraftable 01 Icon

Turn up the heat! Craft 1 Flaming Grog.

Can be crafted in the Kitchen.


"The Flaming Grog certainly LOOKS potent. Well, bottoms up!"

Upon completion you will get Zynga1Coins 2,500 Coins and Xp 01 50 XP. You will aslo be able to start the next quest: That's the Spirit! .

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