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This is quest 2 of 4 in the Cultivating Courage questline. It is given by Sal.

"Ok kiddo, you work, I'll supervise. The Statue of Courage isn't complete yet. You'll need to apply some elbow grease to get this done."


  • Build the Statue of Courage.
  • Craft 2 Flaming Swords to knight the statue with the fire of righteousness. (A Flaming Sword can be crafted in your Studio, or Skip for 120 crowns)
  • Have 3 Feathered Wings to make Pegasus Power Feed. (Can be collected from Adult Chickens or ask friends.)Skip for 18 crowns.


  • 1000 coins
  • 20 xp
  • Unlock the next quest in the questline, A Brave Effort.

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