"Let's welcome soome new cuties into the world!"

"Bunches of Babies" is quest 3 of 3 in the Spring is Sprung story line. You get this quest from Kathleen after completing the Spring Cleaning quest.


Pig 01 Icon
Purchase 2 new Animals for your Kingdom. Aren't babies cute?

Purchase new Animals from the Market.

AnimalFeedCraftable 01 Icon
Feed your new Animals to show them some love.

Click on your Animals to feed them.


"Have fun with all the new baby animals. I'll see you later!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 500 Coins, Xp 01 10 XP and 1 Blue-Ribbon Sheep. Finishing this quest completes the Spring is Sprung story line.



There are new baby animals all over X's Kingdom.

Go hug a baby sheep in X's Kingdom and come home with some Wool.


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