Here you can find all of the Castleville wiki updates and relative links!

Newest Update

                    • The first mission of the Valentine day quest line can be found here: Who's Coming?

All Previous Updates

                    • All missions can be found here: Goals

                    • Information about Alchemist Powder can be found here: Alchemist Powder.
                    • Alchemist Powder can be crafted in the BEastie Lab for 7 animal bones, 5 goblin ears, 4 mystery ingredients.
                    • Information about Beastie Lab can be found here: Beastie Lab.
                    • All of George's quests can be found here: George Quests.
                    • Information about George can be found here: George.
                    • Information about the Yeties can be found here: Yeti.

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