Save Kris Kringle is a special winter quest involving aiding the NPC character Kris Kringle. Quest line is schedule to expire on December 20th, 2011.

Quest Goal Order

There are 10 goals in total.

  1. Snow Fall
  2. Ode to Toy
  3. Slipping Up
  4. Sugar Rush
  5. Sacked Out
  6. Cheer and Present Danger
  7. Over River, Through Wood
  8. A Creature is Stirring
  9. So Fluffy
  10. Jingle Bell Ruckus
QuestSantaAlone Snow Fall
GiftShop Ode to Toy
HolidaySlippers Slipping Up
FruitCake Sugar Rush
WoolTunic Sacked Out
StuffedUnicornCraftable 01 Icon Jingle Bell Ruckus
FlowerBellflower 01 Icon So Fluffy
WindUpBeastieCraftable 01 Icon A Creature is Stirring
Axp 01 Over River, Through Woods
Consumables SuperClobber Cheer and Present Danger

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