The last of five quests in the Magical Corn chain obtained from Quinn. It immediately follows from Lend Me Your Ears .

Quest Text

I'm heading back into the Gloom, but I'll need some supplies!


Kettle Corn

Have 10 Kettle Corn for gifts for those I meet on the road.

Can be crafted in the Kitchen.


Have 2 Whetstones. These are great for smashing corn while on the road.

Ask Friends for Whetstones. You can also get this from fishing.


"Thanks for the hospitality! I'll surely visit you again, bringing back whatever I learn next!"

For completing this quest you will receive 2000 Coins and 40 XP. It also unlocks new recipes in the kitchen. You can now make Chicken and corn chili and Corn dogs. No more quests in this series.

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