This page is referring to the Gloom Dragon Beastie. If you meant Dragon in general click here.

This page is not finished and needs more work. You are welcome to help finishing it.

This page includes an intro and unique info about this beastie. For more info that is relevant to all of the Gloom creatures go to Beasties.


Gloom Dragons are a type of beastie that need three steps to banish.
Firstly you must have Myrick's Flask.

  1. Then, summon a gloom dragon using a gloom dragon potion.
  2. Thirdly, douse the flames on houses with Mystic wind.
  3. finally, trap the gloom Dragon in Myrick's Flask.

Beastie bomb do not banish dragons!

Gloom dragons are dragons who have been infested with the gloom.

Cyril is a very powerful gloom Dragon. Other, less powerful unnamed gloom dragons are available to summon and banish in your kingdom.

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