This page is referring to the Dragons in general. If you meant Gloom Dragon Beastie click here.

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Castleville ember the dragon with egg

Dragons are creatures that hatch from variously coloured eggs. The colour of the egg matches the colour of the dragon.

Dragons come in all different bright colours, shapes and sizes and grow up to be huge!

Ember is currently the only adult dragon in the game however there are many gloom dragons available to banish in the game.

Dragon Pets

Dragon pets are newly hatched dragons that have similar features to puppies. There are now four dragon colors: green from Ember quests); and blue, gold, and pink available from the Market. To purchase pink/blue dragons or a Gold Dragon Egg you must be Level 13 and have a Regal Kennel.

Dragon Pets have a happiness bar much like puppies which can be available to fill after obtaining Flint, which can be found when mining rocks. To do this you have 5 minutes to fill the happiness bar. Or, you can immediately fill your dragon pet's happiness bar by using a Fireproof chew toy which requires:

3 imp hair, 6 stuffing, 10 red feathers and 3 coal

After you have filled the happiness bar, you can summon treasures from which you have a choice of 3 prizes, randomly selected. You may choose one prize from the list.

Prizes include:

  • 1x Marble Dragon Head
  • 1x Marble Dragon Body
  • 1x Marbel Dragon Tail
  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Beastie Bomb
  • 1x Dragon Crown
  • 5x Alchemist's Powder
  • ??x Mythium
  • 1x Gold brick
  • 1x Medium Energy potion (7 energy)
  • 1x Marble Dragon Statue
  • ??x Purity Talisman
  • ??x Gloom Rock
  • 3x Lavender
  • 2x Gloom Theif morpher
  • 4x Mystery Meat
  • 2x Super Clobber
  • 1x Large Glyph
  • 1x May pole
  • 4x Dragon scales
  • 3x Chicken Meat
  • 3x Charred Courtyard
  • 4x Bubbly Grog
  • 10x Coal
  • 3x King's Spear
  • 2x Small Energy Potion (3 energy per potion)
  • 1x Small Glyph
  • 2x Boom Stick
  • 3x Wild Posy
  • 2x Super Grow

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