These are the quests i know of so far. Please add and edit if not in right order or if i am missing any and please add the ones that come after the last one i put. Thanks


1. Sticks and Stones

2. Penny Pinching

3. Visiting Heirs

4. A Noble Beginning

5. Into the Gloom

6. Cropping Up

7. The Plot Thickens

8. Getting Wet

9. Local Legend

10. Prepping for an Invasion

11. Knock Down Drag Out

12. Sell It All!

13. Stay Grounded

14. Throw it on the Ground

15. Lumbering Along

16. Free Range

17. Salad Diet

18. Divine Bovine

19. Butter-side Up

20. Culinary School

21.Rattus Gloomerus

22. Cry Wolf

23. Decorative Distraction

24. Stockpile

25. Home Improvements

26. Chewy Meat Bar

27. Coat of Honey

28. Wrapped in Chocolate

29. Fry Anything

30. Swimming in Money

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