The Gloom Maker will soon lash out against you by attacking your subjects. Construct stronger homes and earn even more coins for your Kingdom.


Earn Your Keep is quest 15 of 20 from Alastair's The Great Hall mission.

Start this quest by finishing the Even Greater quest.




Sell an old Cottage.

Go to Design mode and Sell the Cottage


Construct a new Chateau.

Build a Chateau from the Houses tab of the Building section of the Market.

[Materials needed: to build Chateau: 20 Wood Logs, 20 Stones, 5 Wood Planks, 1 Coat of Arms]


Gather more coins for your Castle. Tax 20 houses.

Click on the Houses when they are ready to collect taxes.


You're accumulating quite the fortune! But remember - a good ruler spends Coins for the good of the Kingdom.

For completing this mission you will get 1000 Coins and 20 XP. You will also be able to start the Vault-y Tower quest.

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