Energy vial

Obtained by receiving as a gift, wall posts, quests, or chests. Consume to provide 1 Energy. Maximum allowed is 15.


The following Wall Posts provide Energy

Male with fists in air

X is tired from all that ___________.
What do you think made X so tired?
Let's send some free energy. You'll get some, too!

Male with axe and wood

X got busy in your Kingdom!
X gave you a hand in your kingdom, and you get all the rewards!
Come see the neigborly gesture and get free Energy X left for you!

Female holding flour

X has Flour power!
X is crafting Flour. Lots of it.
Get some Energy to make your own Flour.

Mia with pink first place ribbon

X reached Mastery Level 1 for Flax Seed Oil!
Do you think they need a taste-tester?
Congratulate X and get 1 Energy!

Duke with Chalice

X is gonna party like it's 1399!
X is feasting in honor of their newly completed Great Hall.
Grab some energy to help make your hall great too!

Male with Spear of Humility

X is so humble!
X is breaking an evil spell with a Spear of Humility!
Be humble too and get some free Energy!

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