"We'll need some Hard-Boiled Eggs and Bass. The Giant will think the Hard-Boiled Eggs are its missing eye. And the Bass, well, you'll see!"
"Fish Dinner" is quest 6 out of 10 in the Bump in the Night story line. You get it from Baz after completing the "Big Foot?" quest.


Bass Icon

Have 5 Bass, extra smelly.

Task description here...

Hard Boiled Eggs

Have 6 Hard-Boiled Eggs, they jiggle like eye balls!

Craft Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Kitchen.


Tend 15 houses in Neighbors' Kingdoms. Check for Giants while you are there.

Clik on Houses in Neighbors' Kingdoms to tend to them.


"The Giant ate the Bass! And the Hard-Boiled Eggs are gone too! Now we can catch it by following its fish-breath!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. This completes the Fish Dinner quest. You can then proceed to the "Creeper Trap" quest.


A Beast of a Nightmare

With monsters lurking in the shadows, X can't help but wonder what's out there!

Take this Candle to light up the darkness.


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