Gift shoppe 2
The Gift Shoppe is a crafting building available during the Christmas season 2011. Constructing the building requires 10 wood log, 10 stone and 5 holiday wreaths.

In Gift Shoppe, you can craft:

Name Costs Crafting Time Requirement
Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake
GrapesMaterial 01 Icon 8 Grapes
  5 Bundle of Wheat
  2 Spices
1 hour
Holiday Slippers
Wool 5 Wool
Wool Thread 2 Wool Thread
BellsMaterial 01 Icon 1 Bells
1 hour
Lazy Spring
  2 Iron Ore
  2 Silver Ore
1 hour
Stuffed Unicorn
Cotton 2 Cotton
Cotton Thread 1 Cotton Thread
  2 Golden Horn
1 hour
Wind-Up Beastie
Wood Log 12 Wood Log
  3 Gloom Rat Tail
  3 Wind-Up Key
1 hour

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