"Rafael fell asleep at our picnic before I could tell him anything! I need a new tactic... He always answers his fan mail, so I'll write to him!"

"His Biggest Fan" is quest 6 out of 7 in the Signs of Affection questline. You get it from Yvette after completing "Day Trip".



Craft Stationery to fill the Admiration Bar and write to Rafael.

This item can be crafted in the Studio.


Sell 30 items to afford some nice envelopes!

Sell items in your Kingdom or from your Inventory.

CandleCraftable 01 Icon

Craft 2 Candles so Yvette can write all night.

This item can be crafted in the Studio once you have a Tailor.


"Ok, I've gathered my stationery and everything I need to write to Rafael. Now what should I write?"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 2,500 Coins and Xp 01 50 XP. You can then proceed to the Prose and Cons quest.


Facebook wall post message goes here

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