The third of five quests in the Fish Story chain obtained from Sonja. It immediately follows from Baited Breath.

Quest Text

Collecting from a Fishery is less work than fishing. I'm all about that! Especially if we catch that Magic Fish...


Fishery 02 Icon

Have 1 Fishery t​o catch more fish. Buy 1 Fishery from the Buildings tab of the Market and build it.

Fishery 02 Icon

Collect from your Fishery ​3 times. Click on the Fishery when it is ready to collect fish.


Have 16 fish. Some of them ​might be magical!


What a haul! And look at THAT fish -- it's got to be magical! At last, we've found him. I'm sure of it!

For completing this quest you will receive 2000 Coins and 40 XP, you will also be able to start the quest Carp Diem.

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