This page will show you an example of how to add a link to a page.

Inner Link

If you want to put a link to a page in this wiki just write [[]]. Now, find the name of the page you want to direct to and write it between the Brackets. Note that the page name is case-sensitive. It's suppose to look like this: [[How To: Index]] (This example will take you to this page: How To: Index).

If you want to write some thing else then the linked page name add this: |some text. Add it after the linked page. like that: [[How To: Index|Go to the how to index page]] (Go to the how to index page).

External Links

External links are links to outside of this wiki. External links are highly prohibited in this wiki! Leaving an external link in a page or in a comment will cause the following actions:

  • The link will be deleted.
  • The user who published the link might be blocked.

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