"I see you've had good practice constructing buildings so this Inn should go up in a snap."

Inn the Details is the 2nd of 13 quests in the Inn and Out quest line from Kathleen, it begins after completing the Are you Inn Quest


Inn 01 Icon

Place and Construct the Royal Inn

The Royal Inn is located in your inventory. Place the foundation and click on it to begin constructing it.
Note: You'll need 8 Wood Planks, 5 Stone Blocks, 2 Gold Bricks, and 3 Empty Flasks. You'll also need 5 crew for the Inn.
WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon

Have 10 Wood logs for Fire fuel.

Chop trees or collect from the Logging Camp

BellowsCraftable 01 Icon

Collect 3 Bellows to help get a fire going.

Ask friends to receive Bellows


"That's a very cheery looking Inn. A weary traveler would be heartened by the sight of it."

Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. You'll also start the Inn-Side Quest.


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