"My Gazebo is the perfect place for you to create all your springtime crafts and enjoy this wonderful weather!"
"It's A Good Thing" is quest 2 out of 12 in the Martha story line. You get it from Martha Stewart after completing the "Meet Martha" mission.



Place and build the Spring Gazebo.

Find the Spring Gazebo foundation in your Inventory then get all the components necessary to build it.


Have 3 Crepe Papers to make the cutest little handmade carrots.

Ask Friends for Crepe Paper. You can also get this from fishing.


Craft 1 Egg Dye. We will need it to make some Easter Eggs!

Craft Egg Dye in the Spring Gazebo.


"Isn't the Gazebo charming? Now we can craft everything you need for an eggciting Spring!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. This completes the "It's a Good Thing" quest and you can then proceed to the "Spring into Action" quest.



X has just completed their crafting Gazebo! Commence with the crafting!

Take this 3 Energy, so you can keep up the crafting pace!


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