The Diva

Izadora (Isadora in some coutries), aka Izzy, is a gypsy who was trapped in the Gloom. Contrary to most characters rescuing her is not part of any quest, so her arrival may vary from player to player.

She can be found in the 5th gloomed area from the top, on the first column of the map, which is easily identified by the presence of her Gypsy Wagon. After you explore this area, you can position her trailer wherever you want and will be able to receive quests from her.

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No official background history was released for Izadora, but, because of her look and that of her trailer, most players assume she is some kind of fortune teller or gypsy woman. The fact that most quests in Izzy's quest line are related to crafting food or fashion articles with several references to partying and that the first batch of quests is called "Party Girl" may indicate otherwise.

Izadora's Wagon

HouseGypsy 01 Icon

You can collect Zynga1Coins 1,050 Coins from Izadora's wagon every 5 hours. You will receive a Zynga1Coins 105 Coins bonus, if the wagon is located on a Courtyard.




Quest Series

A Gift For Izadora


At the end of each quest chain, if you are not yet high enough level to begin the next chain, Izadora will instead ask you for a gift. These requests are not essential to advancing her quest chains, but provide Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins. Once you have reached the required level for her next quest chain, the button icon will disappear and be replaced by the blue question mark indicating that she has a quest.

Izadora may ask for:

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