The fourth of five quests in the Magical Corn chain obtained from Quinn. It immediately follows from Corn Spirits.

Quest Text

We should spread the word of this new crop to all your Neighbor's Kingdoms.



Help others make room for planting Corn. Harvest 10 crops in Neighbor's Kingdoms.

Harvest any crop in a Neighbor's Kingdom.


Harvest 3 Corn from a Neighbor's Kingdom.

Visit Neighbors and harvest their Corn for them.

Goose 01 Icon

Feed 15 Geese. They just love the Corn also!

Animals will periodically hunger. Click animals with an arrow above them.


"All your Neighbors will rave and rant. They're sure to love this corny plant!"

For completing this quest you will receive 2000 Coins and 40 XP, you will also be able to start the quest Corn for a Kettle.

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