O Kingdom Magnificent: Quest 2 of 9

"They say art imitates life. To write about the most beautiful maiden I must make Yvette even more beautiful!"

Quest Image Task Skip
ClothApronCraftable 01 Icon Craft 3 shiny new Cloth Aprons for Yvette to wear.

This item can be crafted after you build a Tailor.

Crown 0145 crowns Crowns
Flour Sack Craft 4 Flour Sacks for Yvette to use as makeup.

Craft Flour Sack in the Kitchen once you have a Mill.

Crown 0112 crowns Crowns
DiamondMaterial 01 Icon Have 5 Diamonds for Yvette to adorn her hair with.

You can find Diamonds by mining Rocks.

For completing this mission you will get Coins and .
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Magical Kingdom Maiden Business!

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