The market is where you can buy buildings, animals, clothes and much more. Everything in the market can be purchased for coins, reputation, or crowns. Some of the objects are locked at the begining, but will be unlocked as you reach higher levels. (You can also use crowns to unlock some items for purchase early) The market is divided into different tabs, and each one has its own tabs:


MarketSpecial 01 Icon
For now there is only "posters" in this tab (see picture).


MarketBuilding 01 Icon


MarketDeco 01 Icon


MarketNature 01 Icon


Dog 01 Set 01 Icon


MarketEquip 01 Icon
    • All - Showing all of the clothes.
    • Shirts
    • Pants
    • Hats


MarketConsume 01 Icon
    • All - Showing all of the energy potions and more consumables.
    • Energy - Contain all of the energy potions.

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