The Royal Chef

Mia is a world famous chef who arrives in your kingdom to teach you cooking mastery. Continuing in completing her cookbook, she traveled to the kingdom to gather the ingredients needed for her recipes.

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Official Presentation Video

Mia's House

HouseMia 01 Icon

Mia's house is an extravagant building made of stone and wood with heart-shaped windows and doors, topped by a pink roof and surrounded by lots of flowers. Her house fits well into the Valentine's Day theme which was introduced at the same time. You can collect 2.250 coins every 12 hours from her house, an additional 225 will be granted when you place her house on courtyard.



  • Cooking


  • Too much additives, YUCK!


Once you've gotten to the third quest in the Mia Questline you unlock the ability to master Kitchen recipes.

Mastery level 1 requires you to craft a recipe 10 times and rewards you by requiring 10% less crafting time for the mastered recipe.

Mastery level 2 requires you to craft a recipe 40 additional times for a total of 50 times and rewards you by giving you 1 additional exp every time you craft the recipe.

Mastery level 3 requires you to craft a recipe 200 additional times for a total of 250 times. The reward for mastery level 3 is you get 1 random ingredient back every time you craft the recipe along with a special banner with a picture of the recipe you've completely mastered on it.

Quest Series


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