"I'm looking for that nasty Gloom Dragon, Cyril. But, my eyes aren't quite what they used to be. Maybe someone around here could help?"

"No Need to Panic" is quest 3 of 9 in the From the Knight Sky story line. You get it from Tom after completing the "Knight Flying" quest.


HouseAlastair 01 Icon

Collect Taxes from Alastair's House 2 times to see if he knows any secrets about Gloom Dragons.

When it is ready, click on Alastair's House to collect taxes.


Visit Neighbors 8 times to see if anyone else has seen a Gloom Dragon.

Visit Neighbors by clicking on the Neighbor bar.

GrapesMaterial 01 Icon

Have 15 Grapes. Tom likes munching on them while he's searching.

Plant and Harvest Grapes on Farm Plots.


"Alas, no one's seen Cyril. But I won't give up the search!"

For completing this quest you will get 1 Gloom Wolf Potion, Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. You can then proceed to the Stirry Knight quest.


The Conference Takes Place

X is wondering what Tom and Alastair are discussing.

Talk is cheap, as they say. But not this Bubbly Grog. Have one!


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