Puppet Booth party starter.

Party starters allow you to throw parties in your kingdom. Yvette instructs you to build one and throw your first party for the Party On! quest. Currently, the party starter is a puppet booth used to start Art Faire parties.


Buildings Required:

Materials Required:

Crafting Time:

  • 2 Hours

Throwing Parties

To throw a party, place the party starter and click it. A party streamer image will appear on your avatar in the neighbor bar to let your friends know you are having a party, and the game will encourage you to post an invitation on your wall. You can click the party starter again during the party to check your party success and send additional invitations.

Guests to your party may click your buildings to collect party items. Currently, paintbrushes, etchings, and marble blocks may be collected and etchings seem to be the most common item. Party items may be used to construct items in the Pavilion.

Each party you throw lasts for two days, and prizes are awarded according to the number of guests you have. You must rebuild the party starter each time you throw a party.

Party Prizes

Prizes According to Guest Turnout
At least one guest 5 paint brushes and etchings, 1 marble block, and a small piece of Tiramisu cake
10 guests 20 paint brushes and etchings, 2 marble blocks, and a large Tiramisu cake
20 guests 40 paint brushes and etchings, 3 marble blocks, and a HUGE Tiramisu cake!

Former Incarnations


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