After all that work, we get a measly pearl? I bet you can't even sell that -- it's covered in fish gunk!.
The last of five quests in the Fish Story chain obtained from Sonja. It immediately follows from Carp Diem.


WaterPail 01 Icon

Have 5 Pails of Water to rinse off the fishy smell!


Have 10 Cotton to shine the pearl.

Plant Cotton in Farm Plots and harvest when it's ready.


Sell the Pearl. It's got to be worth something!

Find the Pearl of Wisdom in the Materials section of your Inventory and click the Sell button to sell it.


Just wait until I catch that Magic Fish again. He'll give us something really special... or we'll have Fried Fish for dinner!

For completing this quest you will receive 2000 Coins and 40 XP . No more quests in this series.

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