"A few more Rustic Ponds to clear and we'll have fully restored Master Salvatore's home! I cannot wait until he is freed from that tub!"

Pondsy Scheme: Quest 4 of 5.

Quest Image Task Skip
GrapeJuiceCraftable 01 Icon Craft 2 Grape Juice to stay hydrated.

Harvest Grapes, then craft Grape Juice in the Kitchen.

Crown 0120 crowns Crowns
[[File:|90px]] Craft 2 Fish Fillet. Just don't let Sal see you eating them.

Fish Fillet can be crafted in the Kitchen.

Crown 0150 crowns Crowns
[[File:|90px]] Drain 2 Rustic Pond.

You can drain a Rustic Pond by casting Quantum Sweep and removing it. (5 quantum sweeps per pond required)

Crown 01200 crowns Crowns
For completing this mission you will get Coins and .
Previous Goal Next Goal
To the Gloomy Pools This is the last goal for now. Congratulations!

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