The Lyrical Bard

Quinn is a travelling bard that goes from Kingdom to Kingdom and, after being trapped in the Gloom, he will arrive at a players Kingdom. However, given his travelling nature, Quinn doesn't set home in the Kingdom. He is a quest giver, but his quests normally won't focus on anything specific, instead, they cover a broader range of themes, from cooking stuff to building Libraries. Quinn is currently residing in everyone's kingdoms, even if they have already completed his quests.

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Quinn is a traveling Bard, poet and singer. After 5 minutes with him, you are smiling and comfortable, listening intently to his latest ballad of adventure and romance. When he sings, maidens swoon and men are moved to manly tears.

As with any great teller of tales, Quinn enjoys the drink. Sadly, this occasionally causes a forgotten lyric or three. In these situations, Quinn relies on his natural charm, tossing out random words or asking the audience for suggestions, often with amusing results.

With his surplus of wit and talent, it was only a matter of time before Quinn rose to fame, receiving an exclusive performance contract in a high-class Kingdom far away. It was there that he fell in love and became engaged. Just as it seemed that all his dreams were coming true, tragedy struck. While he was on tour performing for his fans, the Gloom engulfed the Kingdom, shrouding his home and his fiancée in its depths.

Quinn’s attempts to rescue his love have, so far, proved unsuccessful. Now he travels the lands, skirting the Gloom and Beasties, spreading news and information – anything he can do to aid the fight against the Dark One and eventually reunite with his beloved.

Official Presentation Video

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  • Singing and composing songs or poems. If you’ve done a daring deed, he will sing about it!
  • Spreading news of Faugrimm and the Gloom, hoping to aid the fight against the Dark One.
  • Dreaming of being reunited with his lost love.
  • Pies – meat or fruit, he’s not picky.
  • Fishing, an activity that gives him time to compose new lyrics.
  • Breaking mandolins over the heads of wrong-doers.


  • Faugrimm and the Gloom.
  • Bad tippers.
  • Tomatoes, especially rotten and well-aimed ones.
  • Uncouth audiences with no appreciation for anything but drinking songs.

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