"A little known fact about Gloom Dragons is that they are amazing poets. You too must embrace poetry, in order to understand the Dragon soul."

"Reciting Like A Dragon" is quest 6 of 10 in the A Dragon State of Mind story line. You get it from Tom after completing the "Hoarding Like A Dragon" quest.


HouseSinger 01 Icon

Collect taxes from Yvette's House 3 times to see if she has any poetry verses to teach you.

Click on Yvette's House to tax it.


Visit Neighbors 10 times and read them some poetry.

Visit Neighbors by clicking on the Neighbor bar.


Have 3 Animal Bones to which you can recite soliloquies.

Task description here...


"Impressive. Your verse reminds me of the great Dragon Poet, Rick. I can see you are ready to take this training to the next level!"

For completing this quest you will get 1 Super Clobber, Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. You can then proceed to the "Breathing Like A Dragon" quest.


X thinks they are a poet

X has been practicing their poetry in Castleville!

Take this energy and start writing poems of your own.


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