Royal Inn
Royal Inn
—Image © Zynga
Sell PriceZynga1Coins NaN Coins

You receive the Royal Inn with Inn the Details quest in the Inn and Out quest line from Kathleen.

I see you’ve had good practice constructing buildings so this Inn should go up in a snap.

You can find the Royal Inn in your inventory. Place and click on it to construct it.

Level Castle
To reach next level
Tends Reward
0 Nobility 120 15 Bedding  Bedding
1 Nobility 132 30 Bedding  Bedding
2 Nobility 144 45 Bedding 3 Bedding
3 Nobility 156 65 Bedding  Bedding
4 Nobility 168 85 Bedding  Bedding
5 Nobility 180
6 Nobility 192
7 Nobility 204
8 Nobility 216
9 Nobility 228
10 Nobility 240

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