"My first lecture on safe mining is about to begin! The audience should be arriving any minute!"

"Safe and Sound" is quest 9 out of 9 in the Pump it Up questline.


Quest Image Task Skip
Workbench Craft 1 Workbench to act as a pedestal.

Craft Workbenches in the Workshop after building a Logging Camp.

Crown 0130 Crowns
Bottle of Ink Craft 7 Bottles of Ink to paint Skippy. He's agreed to be the mascot Miner Mike.

Craft Bottles of Ink the Studio.

Crown 0142 Crowns
Milk Collect 18 Milk Bottles. A long lecture should provide refreshments!

Feed adult Cows to collect Milk Bottles.

Crown 0136 Crowns
For completing this mission you will get Zynga1Coins 4,250 Coins and Xp 01 85 XP. In this goal you get 1 Boom Stick as a reward.
Previous Goal Next Goal
A Dirty Mine This is the last goal for now. Congratulations!

"The safe mining seminar is going great! I think everyone is learning a lot!"

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