"How to prepare for the end of time? Lots and lots of FOOD! If we run out of pie, it really will be the end."

The "Save for the End of Time" is a mission you would get from The Duke. You recieve this Quest after finishing The End is Near This is the 2nd mission from a series of 5 missions.


Quest Goals
Storehouse 01 Icon Store 5 items in, you guessed it, your Storage Cellar
Crop 02 Seeded Start the stockpile! Harvest 25 crops
PailOfWaterMaterial 01 Icon Fish 6 times to gather water


"Wonderful! with that much food, we should be set for years! ...Are you going to eat that?"

For completing this mission you will get 500 Coins and 5 XP. You would also be able to start the Digging Deeper mission.

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