"Let's show our Spring Spirit by unlocking the first spring party!"
"Spring into Action" is quest 3 out of 12 in the Martha story line. You get it from Martha Stewart after completing the "It's a Good Thing" quest.



Craft 1 Lemonade, a tasty spring beverage.

Craft Lemonade in the Spring Gazebo.


Fill the Spring Spirit bar by crafting items in the Spring Gazebo.

Gain more Spring Spirit by crafting items at the Spring Gazebo.


Build a Pavilion to host your party!

Task 3 help text goes here


"You're well on your way to throwing an elegant Spring Picnic. We just need a few more crafts!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 750 Coins and Xp 01 15 XP. You can then proceed to the Take Your Picnic quest.


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