"Maybe we can find stuff to make the smell bearable while we find out where it's coming from."
"Stink Monster" is quest 7 out of 13 in the Occupational Hazards story line. You get it from Baz after completing the "Into the Deep" quest.



Tend 20 flowers to shove up your nose.

Click on flowers but not Mushrooms. Don't go there.

GlueCraftable 01 Icon

Craft 5 Glue to hold the flowers in position.

Craft Glue in the Studio.


Visit 10 Neighbors to see if they can identify the stench.

Click on the Neighbor Bar below to visit Neighbors.


"Nope, nope...can't do's too horrible despite the flowers. It's bringing tears to my eyes!"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 3,250 Coins, Xp 01 65 XP and 5 Ogre's Belches. This completes the Stink Monster quest. You can then proceed to the "Trackin' Gas" quest.


X Is Having a Gas!

The mines may be plagued with an unbearable stench, but Baz and X have got treasure on the brain.

Take some Berries to distract you from the smell.


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