Storage Cellar
Storehouse 03 Icon
—Image © Zynga
Sell PriceZynga1Coins NaN Coins


Level Cost Capacity
1 Storehouse 01 Icon Zynga1Coins 10,000 Coins
WoodLogMaterial 01 Icon 15 Wood
StoneMaterial 01 Icon 15 Stone
2 Storehouse 02 Icon Stone Block 10 Stone Block
Wood Plank 10 Wood Plank
  3 Coat of Arms
3 Storehouse 03 Icon Stone Block 15 Stone Block
Wood Plank 15 Wood Plank
Gloom Wolf Pelt 5 Gloom Wolf Pelt
4 Storehouse 04 Icon Stone Block 20 Stone Block
Wood Plank 20 Wood Plank
Gold Brick 5 Gold Brick
  10 Coat of Arms
5 Storehouse 05 Icon Stone Block 30 Stone Block
Wood Plank 30 Wood Plank
Gold Brick 10 Gold Brick
Gloom Wolf Pelt 10 Gloom Wolf Pelt

Limited Time Goals

QuestSubiconStorage The End is Near
Crop 02 Seeded Save for the End of Time
BeastieRat Digging Deeper
Sheep 01 Icon Restoration Preparation
Storehouse 03 Icon More in Store

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