"Once Mage Academy reopens we'll have to be able to protect it should the need arise. Let's make sure it's secure"

"The Best Offense" is quest 5 out of 7 in the Mage Academy Revealed questline.


Quest Image Task Skip
90px Craft 2 Flaming Swords to protect the Maga Academy.

Flaming Swords can be crafted in the Studio.

Crown 01120 Crowns
CastleWallBase 01 Icon Have 5 Walls in your Kingdom to build a barricade.

Walls can be found in the Market under Decor.

Crown 0150 Crowns
90px Complete stage 2 of the Founder's Statue. We're afraid to show it off anymore!

Click on the Founder's Statue to view the materials required to repair it.

Crown 01- Crowns
For completing this mission you will get Zynga1Coins 2,500 Coins and Xp 01 50 XP. In this goal you get 1 HyperCraft as a reward.
Previous Goal Next Goal
Silent But Deadly Revealed at Last!

"The academy looks much more secure! Now if a student pulls the Beastie alarm bell I'll know they're just trying to skip out on a test!"

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