"Let us clear some ground for our workspace and gather materials for my Enchantment Engine."
"The Perfect Place" is quest 3 out of 9 in the Giovanni's Machine questline.


Quest Image Task Skip
Heated Boot Craft 2 Heated Boots to keep your feet warm while you build the machine.

Make Heated Boots in your Workshop.

Crown 01? Crowns
Hazel's Icy Bramble Melt 3 Icy Brambles and Icy Roses to make room for the machine.

Use the Fireheart Spell in your Spellbook on Ice Brambles to melt them.

Crown 01? Crowns
Copper Trinket Tax 5 Royal Buildings to see if they have any Copper Trinkets in their vaults.

Click on a ready Royal Building to Tax it.

Crown 01? Crowns
For completing this mission you will get Zynga1Coins 3,250 Coins and Xp 01 65 XP. In this goal you get 2 Spring-Loaded Device as a reward.
Previous Goal Next Goal
Far, Far Away The Moment of Truth

"Fascinating! It looks like melting those Icy Brambles produced some Fire Essence. Perhaps we can use this..."


Post reward: Coal.

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