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This is quest 3 of 4 in the Noble Mother questline. It is given by Yvette.

"The Blessings of Summer and Winter are too extreme for the weakened Noble Mother. But if we balance them, she'll be stronger than ever!"

Quest Image Task Skip
[[File:|90px]] Have 5 Blessings of Winter to help the Noble Mother survive the cold.

Ask your friends for Blessings of Winter.

Crown 0135 crowns Crowns
[[File:|90px]] Craft 3 Blessings of Summer to help the Noble Mother survive the heat.

Blessings of Summer can be crafted in the Studio.

Crown 01144 crowns Crowns
[[File:|90px]] Upgrade the Noble Mother to increase its nurturing spirit!

Click on the Noble Mother to upgrade it.

For completing this mission you will get Coins and .
Previous Goal Next Goal
A Little Bit of Fall This is the last goal for now. Congratulations!

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