The Valiant Knight and The Dragon Slayer

Tom is the 23rd Legendary Knight who never ceases to aid in the fight against the gloom lord. He fights gloom dragons by your side, and insits on protecting your kingdom from the horrible beasties that the gloom lord has sent to destoy you. His only weakness is the tasty sweetness of a sugary treat.

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Tom comes to your Kingdom on his search for Cyril, a dragon whom he was fighting in the sky before he fell off and landed in your Kingdom. He is always boasting about his strength and cunning.

Official Presentation Video

You can watch Zynga's official presentation video for Tom here:

Tom's House


You can collect 2,250 from Tom's house every ?? minutes. You will receive a 225 bonus, if the house is located on a Courtyard.





Quest Series

*Limited Edition

A Gift For George

No gifts are known.


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