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Richard Myrick


Logging Camp 2

Logging Camp 3 Fishery 2 Fishery 3 Mining Camp 2
LumberCamp 02 Icon LumberCamp 03 Icon Fishery 02 Icon Fishery 03 Icon MiningCamp 02 Icon
Mining Camp 3 Magic Shop Hazel's House Richard's House George's House
MiningCamp 03 MagicShop 01 Icon HouseHazel 01 Icon
HouseJester 01 Icon
HouseMiner 01 Icon
State Jester Bazaar Magic Portal
JesterStage 01 Icon Bazaar 01


Sunflower Beets
SunflowersIrrigated 02 Beets 02

Quest Lines

Friends in need (Sonja)




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