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  • Donauzze21

    Update! This will go better with the table template we're working on.

    Quest Ouote
    "Fate has smiled upon us with the discovery of Faugrimm's Book. Before I can read it, I will need some time and materials to break the binding spell he has on it."
    Quest Image Task Skip





    For completing this mission you will get }}} and }}}.
    Next Goal
    Save Alastair, Part 1
    Previous Goal
    Staring Down Evil

    Reward Ouote
    "You will need to be vigilant as I break the book's binding spell. Faugrimm will know I have it as soon as I begin, and I imagine he won't be happy! Not that he ever is..."

    The Tables need to be upgraded. So here is the design I thought up for them. Credit goes to Hollowness for the....I'll call it the set up. I just adjusted it. :)

    Book of Sinist…

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