"Sonja's Favorite drink should give the Cleansers the extra kick we need to break through the last layer of Mount Gloom."

"Volcano No More" is quest 8 out of 11 in the Faugrimm's Vacation story line. You get it from Alastair after completing "One More Slime".


Have 7 Walks on the Beach, Sonja's Favorite Drink. It can melt ANYTHING.

Ask Friends for Sonja's Favorite Drink or Skip for 49 crowns.

FishingPond 01 Icon

Fish 12 times, we will need some and soon.

Click on the Fishing Pond to fish or Skip for 24 crowns.

Cleanse the last layer off of Mount Gloom.

Gather the required items, then click Mount Gloom to cleanse it.


"Who would have thought that Faugrimm could form a devastating volcano from the ancient building?"

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins and Xp 01 20 XP. You can then proceed to the Tower of Gloom quest.


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