"Disable the Water Hubs so you can deactivate the Water Totem. That will that vanquish the Water Storm!"

"Water Storm" is quest 8 out of 12 in the A Tale of Two Pirates story line. You get it from Sonja after completing "Going Coconuts".


Have 11 Water Chalices to destroy the Water Hubs on Land's End.

Water Chalices can be crafted in the Beastie Lab.

Shut Down the Water Totem on Land's End to weaken the Water Gloom Storm.

Click on the Water Totem on Land's End to shut it off after all the Water Hubs are destroyed.

Have 6 Eye Patches to get in a piratey mood.

Ask Friends for Eye Patches.


"Look at that! By deactivating the Elemental Water Totem, we've freed the masts of the Santa Lucia from the clutches of the Water Storm."

For completing this quest you will get Zynga1Coins 1,750 Coins and Xp 01 35 XP, as well as 1 Pirate Coat and 1 Female Pirate Shirt. You can then proceed to the Master and Commander quest.


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